Saturday, November 17, 2018

ON REPEAT: Bird Bee Playlist 2.0

Alright, if you're anything like us, you hate going into every establishment during the holidays only to listen to the same 10 Christmas songs over and over. Lucky for you, step inside to Bird Bee this holiday season and listen to anything BUT that. Heck yess.

Here's some of the latest tunes we're listening to on repeat: 

1. I'm A Kid - Jadu Heart

2. Ageless - Parks, Squares and Alleys

3. All Yours - APRE

4. Gone - Jaguar Sun

5. Miss Emeli - General Vibe

6. Who Am I to Follow Love - Makeness

7. You're Not with Me - No Vacation

8. Fire of Love - Jesse Jo Stark

9. Too Much to Lose (The Synthwave Version) - Sun Glitters

10. Running Away - Firstworld

11. Ride - Soft Streak

12. I Die - Smokey Motel

13. Satin - Selfsteam

14. Huggin & Kissin - Big Black Delta

15. Stretching - Sports Coach

16. Big Love - She Wants Revenge

17. Alien - Beach House

18. Fall Into (Joza Remix) - Hibou, Joza

19. Are You In The Mood? - Bay Fiction

20. Must Be Nice - Varsity 

happy listening 



Thursday, November 15, 2018


We're definitely thankful AF for SPANX over here at BIRD BEE. And if you're not familiar with Spanx yet, it's soon to be the next thing you're thankful for. 

Spanx quickly became a shop fav after our first order of leather leggings, and now we can't get enough. Leggings, panties, denim, shapewear, skirts, tights, we've got it all now because we CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! 

Spanx Leggings are the ultimate Thanksgiving outfit NECESSITY. They're chic and comfy, but also gives room for your Thanksgiving feast. Eat your hearts out, because these leggings are going to suck it all in without any pain and keep you looking SO good. Forget what you thought you knew about Spanx, it's not just for your mom on a fancy night out under a dress. This is what you're going to be wearing every. day.  

Check out how we're styling them this Thanksgiving:

The BIRD BEE classic, the Spanx black faux leather leggings are absolutely neeeeeded in every closet. All Spanx leggings have hidden shape wear in the waist band keeping your stomach flat and booty lifted in every pair. Dress 'em up and dress 'em down, you can wear these with a hoodie or a trendy jacket. We love them paired with our Sabrina Faux Fur jacket and Jeffrey Campbell Czech Lace Up boots (call to order!). Throw on with a biker hat and you're good to go. 

An edgy look to the faux leather legging, these motos style up any boring outfit. Wear it cozy with the FAUX REAL hoodie, an EASTNWEST crop top and some TAG sneakers for a chill Thanksgiving din. We're styling it with our fav beanie for an ultimate comfy look.

We've all got the black leggings, but how about OLIVE?! With a touch of shine, you can pair these olive babies with just about anything. Throw them on with a cozy sweater, the Ashland Brixton cap and some shooties you're ready for any kind of Turkey Day festivities. 

A pebbled texture on these fauxs adds a touch of class and style for a haute look. Grab your favorite blazer, like this Ebony blazer and these Sockit Slipper booties and walk into your Thanksgiving feast in style. Oh, and you can rock 'em with the Brixton Lennon beret!

Grab all these leggings and even more Spanx apparel in store now (because they're selling out QUICK!!). Or give us a call and we will ship 'em to ya for free!! We know you'll love them as much as we do :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Mom, Bestie + Coworker

Let's not stress out on holiday shopping this year. We're keeping it easy at BIRD BEE and have tons of gift ideas on deck for everyone on your list! These are so good, you'll want to keep some of them for yourself ;)

bestie gifts

Not trying to ball out on your bestie this year? We've got some cute ideas:

bestie gifts

Splurging on MOM real hard this year. Some of our top picks are:
CAM Jewelry Zodiac Necklace
Silk Eye Mask
Luxe Leather Earmuffs
Jenny Bird Baby Sloane Earrings
WOLF Caroline Jewelry Travel Case
Terme Monico Large Bag

bestie gifts

Gifts for those work friends that know everything about your life but you never see each other outside the office:
Lip Balm (in store)
Matcha Book
Stoneware Pot
Wild Femme Pouch
Voluspa Holiday Candle - Copper Clove
I Woke Up Like This Mug
Be You Journal
Stoneware Frame


capitol park gift idea guide holiday

A picky friend? Someone who has EVERYTHING? Out of towner? BB gift card, the perf gift for anyone on your list. Grab one in store or online!

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides and happy gift giving SZN babes!

Friday, November 9, 2018


HATS ON HATS. BIRD BEE is STOCKED UP on one of our fav brands: BRIXTON. Their latest collection just hit the shop and it's perfect for the upcoming winter season. You've all seen the classic Messer fedora and the floppy brim Wesley, but this time around, we're spicing it up. Check out all of our favorite new BRIXTONS and shop below!
About the brand:
"Founded in 2004, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.
The clean, classic design of the Brixton collection has a modern yet timeless feel, and each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing our customers quality products they’ll want to hold onto forever."
bird bee detroit

Why we LOVE Brixton! 
I (Taylor) bought my first Brixton hat - a bright yellow messer fedora in 2014 while on a work trip to Los Angeles. I was in LOVE with the construction and wearability of the hat and wanted the same one in every color. When I opened my store in 2015, I knew I wanted to carry Brixton products..and about a year later, I tested my first order! We now carry the line season after season, so you'll always be able to find some new Brixton goodies at Bird Bee! The quality is on point and the price point is so reasonable, too. Hope you decide to jump on the Brixton boat ;)


This cap basically screams, Holiday Season. Part of the Brixton Winter Shimmer collection, this velour cap adds glam and glimmer to any outfit. You can totally style this with your everyday look or throw it on with a fun outfit for a super festive vibe.
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

The classic beret with a little rose gold. Add this to your closet for timeless style and wear with a sweater, dress or even jeans, for a casual, chic look. The metallic faux leather rose gold band is the perfect touch!
bird bee detroit

bird bee detroit

Our favorite trend rn, leopard, is here in beret form!  You'll fall in love with this one because you can throw it on with any black outfit for some added slouchy flair. The leather crown fits snug and completes any outfit.
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

Accessorize any outfit with this cozy winter Ashland Cap. It's the hat you've been looking for this season and one of our most popular! Stop asking yourself what you would wear it with because the answer is ANYTHING! Grab it now... before it's gone.  
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

A BIRD BEE classic, the fiddler cap, now available in cheetah. Look fierce AF and pair this with some high waisted black jeans and tall boots. Basically, cheetah goes with everything, so it's a win. 
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

Ok, we're obsessing over this Fiddler in ROSE GOLD! We're styling it with our favorite EASTNWEST label pieces or even just simple outfits to add some fun. A little bit metallic with a touch of glam, this cap is adding a cute feminine touch to one of our all time fave hat styles. It's sturdier than the typical fiddler and feels like leather (it's not )!
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

A traditional fisherman's cap with a tall crown cut, in a not so traditional burgundy stripe style. You'll be feeling the pop of color with any outfit. 
bird bee detroit

bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit
brixton brood cap
brixton cap
bird bee detroit
bird bee detroit

Happy hat shopping!



Friday, November 2, 2018


hi babes!

did you know we're on pinterest? We're posting all things m00ds and attitudes across our boards. Catch our style gain MAJOR vibes and inspo through all our fave pics.

Catch a peak of our favorite boards below. You can even SHOP our BB style board!!

free as a BIRD board
care free, boutique
Free as a BIRD is all about a haute hippie-- think carefree days, with a flower in your hair. Living a free and loving life, this board is a cool breeze on a summer day. This board is for all you spread your wings and fly babes!

sting of a BEE board
bird bee detroit
Sting of a BEE reps the hard core, edgy style of BIRD BEE. If you're always grabbing everything black and looking for trouble, this is the board you'll relate too. It's about a DGAF rebel attitude, independent behavior and a touch of feminism. 

BB vibes board 

Everything BIRD BEE is all right here. It's about what is US and what makes us feel inspired! Adventure, style, creativity, feminism, and a badass attitude are all what makes BIRD BEE, BIRD BEE. 

Keep in touch babes, we're just getting started.