Friday, November 2, 2018


hi babes!

did you know we're on pinterest? We're posting all things m00ds and attitudes across our boards. Catch our style gain MAJOR vibes and inspo through all our fave pics.

Catch a peak of our favorite boards below. You can even SHOP our BB style board!!

free as a BIRD board
care free, boutique
Free as a BIRD is all about a haute hippie-- think carefree days, with a flower in your hair. Living a free and loving life, this board is a cool breeze on a summer day. This board is for all you spread your wings and fly babes!

sting of a BEE board
bird bee detroit
Sting of a BEE reps the hard core, edgy style of BIRD BEE. If you're always grabbing everything black and looking for trouble, this is the board you'll relate too. It's about a DGAF rebel attitude, independent behavior and a touch of feminism. 

BB vibes board 

Everything BIRD BEE is all right here. It's about what is US and what makes us feel inspired! Adventure, style, creativity, feminism, and a badass attitude are all what makes BIRD BEE, BIRD BEE. 

Keep in touch babes, we're just getting started. 



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